About Rachel

By the time I graduated from high school, I’d attended eleven schools in four countries and seven towns. My parents were missionaries in eastern and southern Africa, and they gave me an adventurous, if somewhat unpredictable childhood. It’s not surprising then that I developed a love for books and imaginary friends, since they could come along with me when we moved to the next country. 

After high school, I returned to the states for college. Continuing my love affair with books, I majored in English (and added psychology as a second major). Since college, I’ve lived and worked in Houston. When I’m not working, I’m raising two teenage daughters, and of course, writing.  

A few random facts that don’t fit neatly into my bio: 

  • I’ve studied Chichewa, French, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Swahili, German and Spanish, but I’m not conversant in any language besides English. Personality tests tell me that I should be proficient in multiple languages, but what do they know?
  • My favorite books are literary, but when it comes to TV shows and movies, I have a dark love for apocalyptic stories. There’s just something about people trying to recreate the world from scratch that I find fascinating. 
  • I usually write in an arm chair with the laptop right where it belongs – in my lap, and the blinds open to the woods behind me.  
  • I have an ancient Jack Russell terrier who sits politely at my feet while I write and a tortoise shell cat who scoffs at manners. She likes to nose under my laptop to make room for herself. 
  • I once stole a library book (Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier) because I was in the middle of reading it when we moved from South Africa to Texas. My apologies to the Mthatha library. It's been well over three decades, so hopefully they've forgiven the fines by now. If it makes any difference, I felt terribly guilty about the whole thing. 
  • I love nature. Since I live in the suburbs that means I take pleasure in my walks along the sidewalk where nature is fairly tame – cardinals and sparrows flitting from tree to tree, bees, alligators in silted creeks, massive oaks, wildflowers and if it's a really lucky day, a deer or two strolling close by